Alpha-Rhythmic Massage

for Balance, Coordination,

Memory and Sleep

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Debuted in Hawaii in 2010, OANAMassage® is an extraordinarily precise combination of music and massage set to a slow, continuous tempo of 60 beats per minute to calm your brainwaves into a meditative, alpha state. The seamless choreography of massage strokes with the subliminal tones and chord changes of the musical score of “OANARhythms© are designed to increase your awareness of the individual strokes performed. It has been described by many as a sensation of passively participating in a slow, graceful dance, helping to synchronize the right and left hemispheres of the brain, resulting in a greater sense of balance, coordination and well-being. A truly unique massage experience.  Duration:  62 minutes

Therapeutic Massage

The basis for OANAMassage, which includes elements of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu and LomiLomi, but more free-flowing and less rhythmic.  Can be full-body or focused work, and may include stretching.  Duration: 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, or 120 mins

Acupressure with Tuning Forks

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The utilization of traditional tuning forks and

colored lights on acupuncture command points helps to release energetic blockages within your physical and etheric body (aura).  Great for people who are feeling exhausted, fragile, extremely stressed, or recovering from illness or injury.  Duration:  60 mins

Monochord Meditation  Sessions 
A large wooden instrument with 60 strings tuned to the same pitch for a deep, transcendental experience. The perfect compliment to yoga, meditation, chanting, and therapy. Hand-made in Germany.  Group and individual sessions available.  Click on the picture for a video demonstration. Duration:  Individual Session: 20 mins or 40 mins
Group Sessions (min 4 people): 60 mins
Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT)

As you lay on the table, a gentle undulating, silent wave of vibration carries you into a deep state of relaxation. VAT imitates the intrauterine vibrations felt during the 9 months in the womb, a time of vital growth and cellular creation. “You are wrapped in loving care” says Norwegian inventor Olav Skille, as you experience this whole-body journey. This is where your body and mind unite in a space of tranquil healing.  Thirty years of applied medical and scientific research documents the connection between low-frequency vibrations and the positive effects of: 1) reducing/eliminating pain, stress and insomnia, 2) boosts vitality and life quality, and 3) assists cell metabolism process (great for people who are fragile, injured, paralyzed or who have chronic conditions).  Duration:  25 mins or 45 mins

Custom Mixtape Massage
Do you have a favorite song that just makes you want to sway back and forth with your eyes closed, and your hands in the air? A classic rock ballad, a slow R&B jam, a reggae groove – you name it, and Karina Yanku will choreograph a massage routine especially for you. Now you can have the pleasure of knowing what your favorite tunes feel like – literally. The list of song choices has been carefully assembled, because it is important that the tempo be consistent and slow- to mid-tempo only; the goal being relaxation - and fun! You can choose up to 13 songs from the list for a full-body massage. For a list of song choices, email info@OanaHealingArts.com.